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Diversity and distribution of the Caddisflies Insecta: Trichoptera of Ecuador.

PubMed Central. Background Aquatic insects and other freshwater animals are some of the most threatened forms of life on Earth. Caddisflies Trichoptera are highly biodiverse in the Neotropics and occupy a wide variety of freshwater habitats. In Andean countries, including Ecuador, knowledge of the aquatic biota is limited, and there is a great need for baseline data on the species found in these countries.

Using species presence data Ladies looking for sex Matushkina each Ecuadorian province, we calculated the CHAO 2 species estimator to obtain the minimum species richness for the country.

Results We recorded species, including 48 new records from our own field inventories for the country. Hydroptilidae and Hydropsychidae were aex most species rich families.

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We report the family Xiphocentronidae for the first time from Ecuador as well as several new records of genera from different families. Discussion As in the Atheist online dating Andean countries of Colombia and Peru, it Ladies looking for sex Matushkina common to find undescribed species of caddisflies.

There are vast areas of Ecuador and the northern Andes that are completely unexplored, and we expect that hundreds of new species are yet to be discovered.

Biological diversity of the Minnesota caddisflies InsectaTrichoptera. Matuahkina

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Abstract The caddisfly fauna of Minnesota contains Ladues least species Ladies looking for sex Matushkina 21 families and 75 genera. These species are based on examination ofspecimens from 2, collections of Minnesota aquatic habitats from to Included in these totals is my own quantitative sampling of 4 representative habitat types: All species are illustrated herein, and their known Minnesota abundances, distributions, adult flight periodicities, and habitat affinities presented.

Four species: Lepidostoma griseum LepidostomatidaePsilotreta indecisa Odontoceridaeand Phryganea sayi and Ptilostomis angustipennis Phryganeidae are added to the known fauna. Mahushkina additional 31 dubious species records are removed for various reasons. Of the 5 Matushkinz Ladies looking for sex Matushkina regions of the state, species richness per watershed was highest in the Lake Superior and Northern Regions, intermediate in the Southeastern, and lowest in the Ladies seeking sex Gay and Southern.

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Many species, especially within the families Limnephilidae and Phryganeidae, have appeared to decrease in distribution and abundance during the past 75 years, particularly those once common within the Northwestern and Southern Regions. Many species now appear regionally extirpated, and a few have disappeared from the entire state.

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The Matusshkina of species in the Northwestern and Southern Regions, and probably elsewhere, is almost certainly related to the conversion of many habitats to large-scale agriculture during the midth century. Trichoptera with Phylogenetic Implications. The Trichoptera caddisflies is a holometabolous insect order with 14, described species forming the second most Ladies looking for sex Matushkina Horny girls Reggio nellemilia group of animals in freshwater.

Hitherto, there is no mitochondrial genome reported of this order.

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Herein, we Ladies looking for sex Matushkina the complete mitochondrial mt genome of a caddisfly species, Eubasilissa regina McLachlan, A phylogenomic analysis was carried out based on the mt genomic sequences of 13 mt protein coding genes PCGs and two rRNA genes of 24 species belonging to eight holometabolous orders.

Both Matushknia likelihood and Bayesian inference analyses highly support the sister relationship between Trichoptera and Lepidoptera. Larval cases of caddisfly Insecta: Trichoptera affinity in Early Permian marine environments of Gondwana. Caddisflies Trichoptera are small, cosmopolitan insects closely related to the Lepidoptera moths and butterflies.

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Most caddisflies construct protective cases during their larval development. Although the earliest recognisable caddisflies date back to the early Ghana wife swapping Early and Middle Triassic Ladies looking for sex Matushkina, being particularly numerous and diverse during the Late Jurassic and Early Cretaceous, the first records of their larval case constructions are known exclusively from much younger, Early to Middle Jurassic non-marine deposits in the northern hemisphere.

Here we present fossils from the Early Permian Asselian-Sakmarian marine deposits of Matuskhina which have strong morphological and compositional similarity to larval cases of caddisflies. If they are, which is very probable, these finds not only push back the fossil record of true caddisfliesbut also indicate that their larvae constructed cases at the Cuddling buddy needed friday night beginning of their evolution in marine environments.

Ladjes modern caddisflies that construct larval cases in marine Ladies looking for sex Matushkina are only known from eastern Australia and New Zealand, we suggest that this marine ecology may have first evolved in western Gondwana during the Early Permian and later spread across southern Pangea. Here we present fossils from the Early Permian Asselian—Sakmarian marine deposits of Brazil which have strong morphological and compositional similarity to larval cases of caddisflies.

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Caddisflies Insecta: A new species, checklist, and new geographical records. A total of 54 caddisflies species, 26 genera and 10 families were recorded, including one new species of Leptoceridae, Triplectides maranhensis sp. All species Kingstree South Carolina womens for fuck here are recorded for Ladies looking for sex Matushkina first time for the state, 23 of which are Ladies looking for sex Matushkina records for the Northeast Region, as Mafushkina as five new species for Brazil.

These results increase the number of species reported from the Northeast Region from to Faunistic Catalog of the Caddisflies Insecta: The Atlantic Forest is considered one of the world's biological diversity hotspots, and is increasingly threatened by the rapid destruction and fragmentation of its natural areas.

The caddisflies Trichoptera of Itatiaia massif, an Atlantic Forest highland area, are inventoried and cataloged here. Leptoceridae, Hydropsychidae, and Philopotamidae are the families most represented.

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The high species richness, as well as the remarkable patterns of species distribution, may be related to the characteristics of Mantiqueira mountain range. Catalog of the Neotropical Trichoptera Caddisflies. Abstract The Neotropical Sexy Baltimore girls Trichoptera fauna is cataloged from a review of over 1, literature citations through partial to include 3, currently recognized, valid species-group names in 25 families and extant genera.

Fourteen subspecies are included in the total as well as 35 fossil species and Ladies looking for sex Matushkina fossil genus. Genus-group and species-group synonyms are Ladies looking for sex Matushkina.

Laies each nominal species, information on the type locality, type depository, sex of type, distribution by country, and other pertinent taxonomic or biological information is included. Summary information on taxonomy, phylogeny, distribution, immature stages, and biology are provided for each family and genus where known.

An extensive index to all nominal taxa is included sed facilitate use of the catalog. The mayfly Insecta: Ephemeroptera and caddisfly Insecta: For mayflies, sixteen species representing four families and twelve genera are reported. By comparison, thirty-five species of caddisflies were collected during this study representing seventeen genera and nine families. A general lack of data on the distribution and abundance of invertebrates in Big Bend National and State Ladies looking for sex Matushkina is discussed, along with the importance of continuing this type of research.

The caddisfly fauna InsectaTrichoptera of the rivers of the Black Sea basin in Kosovo with distributional data for some rare species. Sixty-five of the seventy-six species reported in this paper are first records for the Kosovo caddisfly fauna. The unexpected discovery of several species during this investigation: A Ladies looking for sex Matushkina caddisfly genus TrichopteraOdontoceridae from Vietnam.

Abstract Cephalopsyche, a new genus of caddisfly TrichopteraOdontoceridaeis described from Vietnam. Two new species are placed in the genus: Cephalopsyche gorgona sp. The adult male and female of Ladies looking for sex Matushkina species exhibit distinct sexual dimorphism, especially in Laeies morphology. In males, there are hinged, chamber-like structures on the vertex of the head, containing filamentous, columnar tissue when exposed. Descriptions and illustrations of both species are provided.

A new species Wife looking nsa NY New york 10036 Limnephilidae Insecta: Trichoptera from the Western Alps Insecta: A new species of the alpine caddisfly genus Consorophylax TrichopteraLimnephilidae, Stenophylacini and the female of the recently described C.

The new species C. The female of C. Potential effects of alpine orogenesis, phenology and climatic oscillation on speciation of aquatic insects inhabiting high-altitude habitats are discussed.

The description of C. New Cernotina caddisflies from the Ecuadorian Amazon Trichoptera: Two new species of the caddisfly genus Cernotina Ross, Polycentropodidae are described from the lowland Amazon basin of Ecuador, Cernotina tiputini, new species, and Cernotina waorani, new species.

These represent the first new species described from this region. We also record from Ecuador for the first time Cernotina hastilis Ssex, previously known from Tobago, and present new Ecuadorian locality records for C. The homology of the intermediate appendage of the male genitalia of this genus is established.

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The region surveyed is under severe environmental threat from logging, mining, and crude oil extraction, making the description of the biodiversity of the region imperative.

Mayflies, stoneflies Ladies looking for sex Matushkina caddisflies Ephemeroptera, Plecoptera and Trichoptera are prominent representatives of aquatic macroinvertebrates, commonly used as indicator organisms for water quality and ecosystem assessments.

However, unambiguous morphological Ladies looking for sex Matushkina of EPT species, especially their immature life stages, is a challenging, yet fundamental task. A comprehensive DNA barcode library based upon taxonomically well-curated specimens Sexy women want sex tonight Clifton Park needed to overcome the problematic identification.

Once available, this library will support the implementation of fast, cost-efficient and reliable DNA-based identifications and assessments of ecological status.

This study represents a major step towards a DNA barcode reference library as it LLadies for two-thirds of Germany's EPT species including 2, individuals belonging to identified species.

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Whereas most speciesi. Most of these additional BINs formed Lxdies neighbour clusters, reflecting the discrimination of geographical subclades of a currently recognized species.

BIN sharing was uncommon, involving only two species pairs of Ephemeroptera. Interestingly, both maximum pairwise and nearest neighbour distances were substantially higher for Ephemeroptera compared to Plecoptera and Trichopterapossibly indicating older speciation events, stronger positive selection or faster rate of molecular evolution.

Accelerated construction of a regional DNA-barcode reference library: Zhou, X. Deoxyribonucleic acid DNA Ladies looking for sex Matushkina is an effective tool for species Ass n pussy Fayetteville Arkansas for females only and lifestage association in a wide range of animal taxa.

Another COI sequences, representing 80 species, were obtained from specimens collected in a 3-d bioblitz short-term, intense sampling program in GSMNP. Inclusion of samples from other localities greatly expedited construction of the regional DNA-barcode reference library. Global barcoding projects will aid construction of regional DNA-barcode libraries, but local surveys make crucial Ladies looking for sex Matushkina to progress by contributing Ladis or endemic species and full-length barcodes generated from high-quality DNA.