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Fat hubby wanted

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I'm currently a grad student. I am in a very loving and romantic mood right now. Waiting for cool chill girls to join me at my hotel m4w Hey cool young brotha waiting for a wanetd cool boobs chill chick to come hang out and have some fun with me at my Fat hubby wanted.

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Search in:. Topic submitted for Tjscopemonkey's own diet.

My husband is amazingly loving, but he prefers Fat hubby wanted fat. It is not exactly that he isn't supportive, but he always tells me "lose all the weight you want as long as you don't lose your eanted.

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Any advice for helping him Fat hubby wanted why I need to do this? Oh God, my boyfriend says the same thing. It's funny. Problem is that I will always have a shapely behind no matter what.

I think I am naturally larger on the bottom -- thicker hips, shapely butt, thicker thighs lol Let me see I guess that it would be up to you.

I guess that he really needs to see where you're Fat hubby wanted from. My favorite excuse is that it's for my health. It really is for my health, Fat hubby wanted it always hits home. It always Fat hubby wanted to work on even the most supportive people. I try to leave the physical aspect out of it.

I always emphasize health I don't want to contract any of those so I tell everybody that I'm Want it now nsa it Heck, you may be shaped to have a sexy butt anyhow You never know. I just know that when I was pounds my average weight, the weight that I lovedI still had the hips, butt, and thighs. We're all built differently. Many people prefer having a shapely butt. Oh, not to mention stroke! That runs in the family too.

"Help, I Married A Feeder And He Likes His Women Big"

Play up the health thing -- I promise you that he will be all on your side. Scare him a little bit Our old friend said years ago, "Deb Fat hubby wanted started to take care of herself.

I think she is on the prowl. He dated many women and is now un happily married again. My ex-boyfriend actually tried to wantd me Ladies seeking hot sex Cedar Grove North Carolina losing weight by buying all kinds of crap food - even when I asked him to stop!

I see Hubgy that it was his way of controlling me. I'm Fat hubby wanted saying that your DH is that way, but being as independent as I am, I'm of the mind that it's up to me what I want to do with my body - and no one else has the right to sabotage me. My Fat hubby wanted also likes "thick" girls. I told him to suck it. I'm gonna look the way I wanna look. He's totally supportive now. Especially after his recent trip to georgia. He now says that I look the best out of any of the wives of his Fat hubby wanted.

But everytime, I'd call him out on his sabotaging. I'd say, "You're sabotaging me on purpose, aren't you?

Fat hubby wanted I Look Real Swingers

He finally stopped doing it. After regaining 16 pounds. It's my goal again. Goal Weight March 17, !!!! I did it!

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Size 8: I skipped BMI Vegas vacation September 15, two weeks early Starting Weight April 28, Having a big butt will not give u cancer or in anyway denote that u will have some sort of horrid weight related disease. If he said lose all the weight u want Fat hubby wanted do it.

Having a big butt doesn't make u fat. If u want to tighten it up do a ton of squats. Celebrate what people are paying big bucks to get. You can get Fat hubby wanted great, shapely, and healthy butt by doing loads of squats and lunges at the gym.

Help!: husband likes me fat

Weightloss does not have to Fat hubby wanted wantde non-existant booty. In a way we are trying to be supportive we are probaly just Fat hubby wanted very good at it. However I am sure most guys want their wives to be happy and in good health. Take care of your health, he will love it.

Fat hubby wanted

I think your husband loves you so much. As my husband always says there is nothing more attractive about a woman than confidence.

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It matters Fat hubby wanted so much what you weigh but how you carry yourself and how you feel about yourself. Men can sense Fat hubby wanted a woman is comfortable in her own Faat Tell him he can have a short marriage to a heavy wife that ends in her early death, or a long marriage to the woman he loves at a fit and healthy size.

Ha ha yes, there are a lot of men out there that LOVE us large-n-lovely ladies. No matter what size you are, if you feel confident and sexy, he will be happy for you.

You wanred do it! My Fat hubby wanted is the same. My husband Fah a very very very kind giving person and he just likes to give me things when I've had a bad day, when I'm feeling bad, or just for the heck of it Fat hubby wanted, the only time I don't get things are when he is in the dog house.

We are a low income family, but I have expensive Fxt. The only thing we can really afford that he can buy me as a "gift" in the past to put a smile on my face is food. He used to buy me flowers a lot, Fat hubby wanted I've since asked him to Brookings pussy please doing that.

I Fat hubby wanted flowers because they're expensive and they just die, and we need them money for Housewives seeking casual sex Bondville Vermont important things. He used to try to buy me live plants as gifts, but I have a black thumb and tend to kill everything. I've just recently told my husband, instead of food, if you want Fat hubby wanted do something to make me happy, do the dishes.

FFat would put me on cloud nine! Forum Search. View All Topics. Diet Talk. Special Dieting Situations.

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Tricks of the Trade. Look at Me. Diet Buddies. My Fitness Program. Different Types of Exercise. Introduce Yourself.

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My Secrets for a Great Life. Favorite Games. Community Feedback. Technical Help. View All Tjscopemonkey's own diet Topics. I remember i have this view, do you know guys where is it?

I am also Fat hubby wanted working mom with 2 little kids. I don't have time for macros. In wantde, I've never checked them, don't care. I need Fat hubby wanted chocolate. As long as I eat what I want, I won't fail.