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Do you want to go with me I Want Sex Tonight

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Do you want to go with me

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Can u follow that rule. Anyway, before this gets too long let me say what im looking for, im seeking a mutually beneficial relationship. 1M drluv216write to ya soon. Or Facetime too. But it's surely worth the try.

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At first it caught my ear like a skip in a record, but it grew on me to the point where I started saying it myself … and never looked back.

Kind of reminds me of the old days here in Florida maybe 15 years ago and priorwhen smoking was still allowed indoors. I think that sums it up: Not much different from memo for memorandum or info for information.

Dec 7, when you are with your friend and you want him\her to come with do you ask?. Apr 8, This should do the trick: Issho ni ikimasen ka? = Won't you go along with me? Issho ni kimasen ka? = Won't you come along with me? Issho ni. i want to go with this girl and i dont know how to say do u want to go with me because she dosent speak english. ¿"Quieres ir a la fiesta/la discoteca/el concierto conmigo?" Do you want to go out with me (as in date and be your girlfriend) = Quieres salir conmigo?.

Just plain old slang. Along with me is implied.

Nothing wrong with implication; we do it all the time in perfectly standard English and presumably every language. I agree as to going along with it as informal, slang, etc.

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Is that simply idiomatic? Come with?

This is a common expression in Minnesota, and annoys people from other areas. Since the state has witj large population of German descent, this article explains why. LOL venqax: I see a slight difference that addresses your example: In all other respects, Anyone still looking females, I endorse your always insightful, always amusing remarks in full.

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Phil Radler: Thank you and you are probably right. But definitely not Midwest slang.

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I live in Virginia, in a very diverse area, so I do hear it from time to time. The sentence IS finished.

It just depends where you want to end it. As venqax said…how far down can we distill it until we yyou left with…? Come With By Maeve Maddox.

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Mike Yu Start date Aug 10, Mike Yu New Member.

Hi Can I say "Do you want to go with me? Parla Member Emeritus.

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New York City. DonnyB Sixties Mod.

Coventry, UK. Mike Yu said: Can I say "Do you want to go with me?

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That is exactly what I mean.