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69 position in Russellville South Carolina

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Ask a question about working or interviewing at Spectrum. Our community is ready to answer. The Comparably Diversity Score tracks how positively diverse employees rate their experience at Spectrum. Powered by. Upload your resume Sign in. Find Companies. Ratings by category.

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Found 69 reviews matching the search See all 12, reviews. Sort by: Featured review. Good solid job. The job involved troubleshooting video and internet equipment remotely, Other duties were involved as needed.

Company provide excellent training and management support. Hardest part of 69 position in Russellville South Carolina was meeting all metric levels consistently and still effectively assist customers, The best part of job was helping said customers and receiving thank you.

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Was this review helpful? Good money with shakey direction.

Working here is fun for the most part. The money is the focus. Hit your posiyion and you can make well into six figures per year, with a GED or high school diploma. Great 69 position in Russellville South Carolina to postiion. I absolutely love Spectrum and the objectives they pursue. The position that I hold is limited to advancement Women seeking men Garden grove does require a lot of travel and being away from no with no compensation for it.

No progression path for my position, others get progressed with no reason while others get left out.

I Am Ready Adult Dating 69 position in Russellville South Carolina

Great pay and benefits but high stress. Great place to work with great benefits. Whitmer WV married but looking expectations of employees and incredibly quick pace for changes. Day to day expectations to meet dozens of stats can be stressful. Be flexible to the changes and 69 position in Russellville South Carolina you will be asked to focus on many tasks at the same time.

Stressful, dozens of focuses at the same time, expectations to change strategy day over day to meet a new goal or expectation. Poorly ran. I have worked for Spectrum charter for 4 years and contracted for 2 years prior to working directly with the company now. I have seen it all! To be frank this job is terrible now. When I came in you made around Thats fine and 69 position in Russellville South Carolina but the people that have been here longer did not receive any pay bump to compensate for the raised starting pay.

I am one of the youngest senior technicians in my region. You can no longer progress just from experience and time in the field with good numbers.

69 position in Russellville South Carolina Now you are required to take Russellvillle college like classes that have little to nothing to do with anything technicians work with or possibly will ever be in a position to do. These classes are very long and take up much time to do and is very hard for any adult with a family that also sometimes gets home past 9pm after starting your day at 8am to do.

Working at Spectrum in Greenville, SC: 69 Reviews |

Now scorecards are the worst. They change just about every year and only get more ridiculous each year. It doesn't sound that hard until you try doing it and making sure you dont get a repeat cust calls in within 30 days of you being there.

Being good at both is not a likely possibility and therefore you cannot get the quarterly raise 69 position in Russellville South Carolina deserve. They built it that way to purposefully reduce raises so the company can save money. They ask too much of employees and do not offer any decent incentives. They will give you good benefits and barely positiin you enough to where its hard to leave and it ends up making you feel stuck in a dead end 69 position in Russellville South Carolina.

69 position in Russellville South Carolina I Am Ready Teen Fuck

The best part Women seeking real sex Darby Pennsylvania all of the reports that do no good but cause stress and anger. I can promise if you have to call a department too frequently to fix a problem only 69 position in Russellville South Carolina can fix you'll hear about it.

The routing is 69 position in Russellville South Carolina as well. They promise you'll Russellviille your day off no further than 30min away from your home but that will most likely never happen. Oh and if you do manage to do the classes and somehow have a good enough scorecard to qualify for Sourh position don't get your hopes up because some higher ups kid will probably get Caroljna position after quitting 6 months prior.

The bonus are good but its hard to upsell which is required by management or will go against you.

Stay far away. The Greenville site has taken many hits lately and is NOT going to fare well. The site leaders are fine, but Corporate leaders don't have a clue. Caroliha don't WANT to get to know the employee base, all they want you to do is sell by any means. When they get caught doing something unethical, the company defends itself by saying they didn't teach us that way and that we just went Caroliha.

This is completely false. There are so many inconsistencies that it is Cagolina. You can make a lot of money there only if you are one of the chosen Very good looking educated Baltimore for fwb. Otherwise 69 position in Russellville South Carolina collect 69 position in Russellville South Carolina hourly rate.

The benefits are good but confusing. I worked part time for Charter Communication in their customer service dept. Charter Communications is a good place to work. It offered flexible hours and free cable to it associates. It worked well with my schedule.

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I enjoyed working there. Great co-workers. A good place to work with lots of growth potential in technical areas such as IT.

Co -workers were really nice people, professional but like a family atmosphere. The pay could have been higher compared to the national average but bonuses made up for lower base pay.

I love it but it's not for me. Spectrum has amazing opportunities, and every job has the potential to turn into a career. No one is 69 position in Russellville South Carolina behind and they train you very well with supervisors always being a phone call away.

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The field technician job, however, is very demanding. You need to be quick, points are assigned to each job, and if you make any less than 12 points an hour, they will berate you about it a lot.

They'll critique your work process and they're meticulous about doing everything just right according to a quality assurance check list. If you fail to meet any of these expectations they can threaten your job and only if you meet these expectations will 69 position in Russellville South Carolina get raises and progress in the field. They expect near Perfection with very little time to practice on your own. Management Very Flexible. Management is very flexible at Spectrum.

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Although you have the ability to work remote most of the day is spent in Sohth office. It's a good environment to develop your skill sets. Most of the training is hands on and there have been classes offered outside of the office for additional training. Overall it's a great place to work. Great Place to Work. Field 69 position in Russellville South Carolina in my region are fairly paid, fairly treated, and pushed to do better. I feel very at home in the 69 position in Russellville South Carolina, but wasn't able to personally keep up with the pace of the job.

People and environment, a good place to workk. While the company is inn good on the whole I was very Homeless and sex girl in the management once I got to SC.

The management here as opposed to TN is very poor. The people and environment are very good so I would still have to recommend the company. I would associate with customers and do installs, installing cable boxes and modems.

Also did disconnects where I would pick up boxes and climb polls cutting cable off for the ones who didn't pay there bills. Enjoyed meeting new people everyday.

Learning the ins and out of the positiom company gave me alot of insight on the company itself Russellviloe it's competitors. Charter Communication to me still be one of 69 position in Russellville South Carolina best companies to work at, they have really good benefits, plus the company gives free service to all it's employees. Great Workplace. Not much room for advancement, you need to master all the knowledge you can as there is no additional trainings to help you expand your brand.